Deinhard Riesling

Name: Deinhard Riesling
Type: White
Grape: Riesling
Origin: Germany
Year: 2005
Producer: Dienhard KG
Price: $8.99

Smells of apple and apricot. The flavor is dry, much more so than most Rieslings I have had. It’s very flavorful and smooth, with a distinct tangy taste on the finish. One of the things I like about Riesling is the sweetness, but I like this one anyway. It isn’t complex, but it is a cheap, tasty Riesling.

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  1. Me ha encantado tanto la descripciĆ³n como el vino. Se puede percibir todo lo descrito y a mi lo que me gusta es ese dulzor poco dulce . He encontrado mi Riesling.

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