Beringer Premier Vineyard Selections Pinot Grigio

Name: Beringer Premier Vineyard Selections Pinot Grigio
Type: White
Grape: Pinot Grigio
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2005
Producer: Beringer Vineyards
Price: $5.99

Nice melon aroma, maybe honeydew. The flavor has a bit of that Californian chemical flavor that all the mass-produced wines seem to suffer. It is a kind of dense, rubbing alcohol flavor that probably isn’t naturally occurring and tends to ruin the light, airy flavor that I look for in a Pinot Grigio. Not terrible, but not great. The label says “premier vineyard selection” which, if you’re a regular reader, you know pisses me off. It’s obviously not exclusive in any way and ruins any credibility of the label. Plus, why Pinot Grigio? This wine is from California, having no allegiance to either Italy or France, so why choose Pinot Grigio over Pinot Gris (the name of the same grape in France)?

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