Patrizi Moscato D’Asti

Name: Patrizi Moscato D’Asti
Type: White
Grape: Muscat
Origin: Italy
Year: 2005
Producer: Cantine Manfredi Aldo
Price: $8.99

First review of 2007! I don’t take well to carbonation in general so when the occasion calls for Champagne, I usually drink Moscato D’Asti. It has a bit of carbonation but not too much. This one has a lively pear aroma and a clean, slightly sweet but unremarkable flavor. Maybe in 2008 I’ll spring for a better Moscato…

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  1. Yes, I agree with Lauren. As much as we might not want to admit it, a lot of thought goes into pikcing out a bottle of wine to bring to a party or get-together. Even if it IS good wine (i.e. Barefoot Moscato), you’d be hesitant to share it with others if it’s an ugly bottle or a mock-worthy brand. It’s like comfy sweatpants. Sure, they feel great, you’re comfortable in them, it’s what you throw on after work to relax by yourself but would you wear them to party or out on the town? No because that’s when you want to express your sense of style who you are and what you think is fun to wear.While there has been some cynical debate over labels lately (the stat that labels with animals on them sell better), I feel it is simply an opinion of annoyance by wineries. I feel that if a winemaker is creative enough to make a great tasting wine, they should put at least as much effort into producing a good label for it BECAUSE the majority of wine consumers do not research the product (unlike most of us who probably read blogs like this) before they buy it. They have to make a wild guess as to what they think will be good. Why wouldn’t you want your product to sell so that people can drink it a realize, HEY! This really is a tasty wine! I think I’ll pick up another bottle of this next time. It’s the nature of the beast because you can’t go to a store and try on wine like you do clothes, you’ve gotta put some effort into making it sell.

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