Dolceoro Moscato D’Asti

Name: Dolceoro
Type: White
Grape: Moscato D’Asti
Origin: Italy
Year: Non-vintage
Producer: Viticoltori Dell’Acquese
Price: $10.99

Had this wine at a wine class I’m taking. It is basically a dessert wine. It has a little bit of fizz to it, nothing like champagne but it’s definitely there. Our instructor said that this wine is ancient, it’s been produced in Italy for at least 2000 years and was Julius Caesar’s favorite wine. It has a very distinct apricot aroma and it’s quite sweet, as you would expect. It’s a light sweetness though, not syrupy like some dessert wines. This is a very good, highly recommended dessert wine and at only $10 a bottle!


  1. This is my fiance and my favorite wine. We’re getting married in the caribbean next year and I want this drink to be the signature drink in my wedding… However I don’t think I can ship it to the location. I need a solution because I definitely want to sip on my Moscato on my wedding day!!!

  2. My daughter brought me over a bottle of Delceoro Moscato D’Asti for Christmas and it was the best wine I have ever tasted, Can you please tell me where I can find this wine, I have tried every liquor store around with no luck, No one has ever heard of it. Please tell me where I can find it??? Thank you Kathy Norton

  3. Paul Szwaja says:

    Do you sell or do you know where I can purchase a case of this wine online, dolceoro moscato d’asti

  4. If you like sweet wine, this is THE BEST. It is absolutely delicious. I live in Worcester, MA and have only found it in one Liquor Store.

  5. Dawn Montano says:

    Where can I purchase this wine in MI?? Loved it!

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