G & M Machmer Gewurztraminer

Name: G & M Machmer Gewurztraminer
Type: White
Grape: Gewurztraminer
Origin: Germany
Year: 2004
Producer: G & M Machmer
Price: $9.99

This bottle has the strangest cork I’ve ever seen. It isn’t a cork at all actually, it is a glass stopper with a plastic gasket that makes it resealable. Pretty clever and totally new to me. Anyway, it provided a nice stopper for a tasty wine. I’m told that I have some German in me and that must be true because I’ve never really met a Gewurztraminer that I didn’t like. It has that funky characteristic aroma that some say smells like cat piss. It’s not as off-putting as that sounds though. The flavor is predominantly apricot and it’s very sweet. I’d classify it as a dessert wine. And at this price, it’s a bargain basement dessert wine. Nice.

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