Trying Out Trader Joe’s House Riesling

Name: Joseph Handler Pfalz Riesling
Type: White
Origin: Germany
Year: 2013
Price: $6.99

I was in Trader Joe’s the other day in Nashua, NH and they were sampling this riesling from Germany. I don’t know how they can import a wine from Germany that doesn’t taste like crap for $6.99 but here it is. I sampled it and the guy there described it as having a pleasant acidity and not at all sweet. I’ll give him the former but not the latter.

Most people wouldn’t describe this as a sweet wine, per se. But it is described right on the bottle as semi-sweet and I think that’s on target. Many people don’t know this but rieslings can run from very dry to very sweet even though most people assume they are sweet. I once had a minor argument about this because someone didn’t believe that riesling could be dry at all. I’m pretty sure they still didn’t believe me at the end, but it’s true.

This wine is a very pale yellow color and the aroma is very subdued. The flavors are not though. It has piercing citrus flavors, a jolt of acidity and a medium finish that contains the zest of all that citrus fruit. Very crisp and clean, low (10%) alcohol and overall pretty refreshing at this price point. This style of wine isn’t necessarily my thing but it has its place for sure. In my opinion that place would be beside the pool on a hot summer day.


Bottle of 2013 Joseph Handler Riesling