Barefoot Red Moscato Review

Name: Barefoot Red Moscato
Type: Red
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: Non-Vintage
Price: $5.99

I’m not sure how to categorize this wine. It’s a Moscato, which is supposed to be white. It’s named “Red” but due to some apparent mixing of red and white wine it has a color that I’d describe as a rose, maybe a touch darker.

It smells and tastes like cherries. It’s very light and slightly effervescent, as a Moscato ought to be. There’s a very light touch of acidity on the short finish. This is a deft addition to the Barefoot portfolio because a red Moscato is somewhat intriguing and while the flavor is sweet, it’s several shades less sweet than the Barefoot Sweet Red wine.

This is a prototypical summer wine. Good for pleasing crowds of people who aren’t wine connoisseurs, in fact, it closely resembles my memory of what a wine cooler tastes like and could easily be altered into a passable sangria. I wouldn’t bring it to a party unless I was crashing, but if you used it in the punch bowl at your own affair, none would be the wiser.

Bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato wine