Twin Valley White Zinfandel

Name: Twin Valley Vineyard
Type: Rose
Grape: White Zinfandel
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: N/A
Producer: Ernest and Julio Gallo
Price: $4.99

Umm, yeah. This is what I expect when I drink a White Zinfandel and that’s a bad thing. I read an article about how you shouldn’t be a snob and there are good White Zinfandels out there. While I’m sure that’s true if you pay enough, I’m cheap so I’ve never had a good one. This one is a light red color and has a light, fruity taste. It’s like the McDonald’s of wine, wine for those who don’t really appreciate wine. And this from a guy who rarely drinks a bottle north of ten bucks. It reminds me of drinking Boone’s Farm wine in college and that’s a real bad thing.

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