Tisdale White Zinfandel

Name: Tisdale White Zinfandel
Type: Rose
Grape: White Zinfandel
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: Non-vintage
Producer: Tisdale Vineyards
Price: $4.00

White Zinfandel is crap. That’s my opinion. I’ve never had a white zin that I liked in any way. This one is no different and I think it will be my last. If you think you know of one, cheap or not, that isn’t crap let me know and I’ll try it. Otherwise I’m done. This rose crap smells like rotten cherries and tastes like kool-aid spiked with cheap vodka. Yuck.


  1. Harry Palmer says:

    Try Berringer White Zin or their White Merlot. Both are good and reasonably priced.

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