Nashoba Cherry Wine

Name: Nashoba Cherry Wine
Type: Rose
Grape: Cherries
Origin: U.S. – Massachusetts
Year: Non-vintage
Producer: Nashoba Valley Winery
Price: $10.50

I made my annual trip to Nashoba Valley to pick apples and sample all of the fruity goodness that is the Nashoba Valley Winery. This year I picked up some different bottles than last year and one of them was this one made from New York state cherries. Since the wine isn’t even made of grapes but rather of cherries, it’s a bit hard to compare it with other wines. The smell is somewhere between Robitussin and that filling in a chocolate covered cherry. That’s a fairly accurate description of the flavor as well. Slightly sweet, slightly syrupy and very cherry. It gets a little more tart as the flavor wears on and the finish is negligible, think of the “finish” on a glass of fruit juice and you’re in the ballpark. It’s a novelty and a fun autumn treat, but I wouldn’t drink it all the time.

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