Goats do Roam

Name: Goats do Roam
Type: Rose
Grape: Blend
Origin: South Africa
Year: 2005
Producer: Goats do Roam Wine Company
Price: $6.99

Supposedly, they let goats roam around this vineyard in South Africa and the goats select the tastiest grapes so the owners know where they are. Then they make the wines from those grapes. This is a pretty good story except that I’m sure they use all the grapes in the vineyard for economic reasons and goats will pretty much eat anything. We had a goat when I was growing up and it ate fiberglass, a refined palate to be sure. It doesn’t smell like much and the flavor is substantially like water until the finish. The finish is short but it has a lot going on in terms of spice and acidity. Overall, pretty lackluster though it has a clever name if you’re familiar with French wines. They should let the sheep choose the grapes next time…

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