Wine 4 All Malbec

Name: Wine 4 All Malbec
Type: Red
Grape: Malbec
Origin: Argentina
Year: 2005
Producer: FDL 79232 Prahecq – France
Price: $6.00

I saw a whole line of wines called “Wine 4 All” with very corporate labels that efficiently convey the information one needs. I figure they’ll be all over the place so I picked up a couple to review. This Malbec has a strong aroma of unripe fruit. Whenever I smell this aroma I know the wine won’t be great because that aroma always leads to a similar flavor. No exception here. It doesn’t taste like a Malbec at all, that unripe flavor is pervasive and the wine really has few varietal characteristics at all. I hope the others in the line are better than this.


  1. Cheap Wine Guy;

    What do you expect to get from a MALBEC produced in France??

    The BEST MALBECĀ“s como from Argentina..


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