Renwood Zinfandel

Name: Renwood Zinfandel

Type: Red

Grape: Zinfandel

Origin: U.S. – California

Year: 2005

Producer: Renwood Winery

Price: $8.99

This wine has what I would describe as a rough aroma, it’s a little tough on the nose. It’s a little peppery and heavily wooded, don’t know if I’d say oak specifically but it definitely smells like wood. The flavor is all spice and pepper and blackberry. Not very well balanced, it kind of punches hard and then fades away quickly, leaving just a sour flavor on the finish. It’s not that bad for a cheap Zin, just not tremendously interesting.


  1. Thanks for the tips! I love to cook with wine and I always make sure it’s soehtming I like to drink so I can enjoy a glass while cooking. I appreciate that you actually conducted that little experiment with the wine in the dessert. I would never have done it but have always wondered if it actually made a difference.

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