2012 Cupcake Red Velvet Wine Review

Name: Cupcake Red Velvet
Type: Red
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2012
Price: $10.99

I’ve previously gone on about how calling a wine Cupcake is marketing genius but sets an expectation that won’t be met. They’ve one-upped this strategy by calling this one Red Velvet, bringing to mind a niche cupcake that some people LOVE and I think is just so-so.

It is a dark, almost purple-ish colored wine with a slightly chocolate-y aroma, but mostly dark berries. It has a rich mouthfeel and distinct tannins. It’s a pretty good wine, but again, it doesn’t deliver on the marketing promise of a red velvet cupcake. If you want a dessert wine…get one…but this isn’t one. If you want a cupcake, then buy a cupcake. This is just a decent wine with berry and chocolate flavors.


2012 Cupcake Red Velvet Wine

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