Concannon Petite Sirah

Name: Concannon
Type: Red
Grape: Petite Sirah
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2003
Producer: Concannon Vineyards
Price: $12.99

The bottle claims this was the first Petite Sirah made in the U.S. and the winery dates back to the 1880’s. The bottle is unusually hefty, very substantial with a thick covering on the top of the bottle and a nice, embossed label. The aroma has jammy fruits and a bit of oak. The flavor is rich and has a lot going on. Cherry is the dominant fruit flavor but far more dominant is the spice and tannins. Though I like it, it’s almost too much on the palate and I think it will be much smoother and more complex with some time to age. In a couple years it will be a gorgeous bottle to take to someone’s house for dinner.

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