Oak Vineyards Merlot

Name: Oak Vineyards Merlot
Type: Red
Grape: Merlot
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2005
Producer: Oak Vineyards
Price: $4.00

I was able to pick up some wines in the “super cheap” class at a new liquor store in Nashua, NH. I got these (potential) beauties for 3 for $12. The store itself is very impressive. It’s in the Trader Joe’s plaza across from the Pheasant Lane mall in Nashua and I think it’s simply called The Liquor Shop. The atmosphere is absolutely pristine, everything in its place and displayed appealingly. The wine selection is middling, not huge, but the beer selection is out of this world. Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood. This merlot has an aroma of unripe grapes and a deep red color. The flavor is smooth and slightly sweet but unremarkable in every other regard. Some of that unripe aroma makes it into the flavor and the finish is short. It’s not great but for four bucks it doesn’t turn my stomach either. It also gets a couple extra credit points for having a real cork, a classy touch especially in this price range.


  1. Would love to order a couple of cases of wine . How much for shipping.

  2. MC Soller says:

    First, respect for drinking this wine on the 4th of July, or at least posting a review of it. It’s American at least.

    I had this wine sitting around, probably a refugee from a PTA meeting, and I was enticed by its derivative, careless name and labeling. This was a cheap wine, I thought.

    Finding your review helped me to open the bottle. I can tell you it has not improved with age. Nor has it lost a step.. The immediate sweetness and pleasant mellow fruitiness are still there, along with the lack of remark. It’s an uh-huh, this wine.

  3. Hold the bottle up to the light. If it’s more or less csouorlels and you can see through it, it’s white wine. If it’s dark enough that you can’t see through it, it’s red wine. There are many different types of red wine, and there are many different types of white. There is also rose wine which is pink. I couldn’t name all the types of red wine off the top of my head but if I wanted to know, I’d google “types of red wine”.References :

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