Castillo de Anna

Name: Castillo de Anna
Type: Red
Grape: Monastrell
Origin: Spain
Year: 2004
Producer: Anecoop La Vina
Price: $7.65

I’ve found another new red wine varietal, Monastrell, to try. Unless it’s actually a Spanish name for a grape I already know, which is a possibility. It is deep red and while the aroma is somewhat subdued, the flavor is potent. It is not a fruity wine, it’s more like a very stern Cab. It would go well with red meat dishes and is probably better with food because it has some strong woodsy and tannic notes. A very interesting wine at this price.

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  1. My glass is definitely not 4 oz. Especially if its a sppule Rhone Valley or crisp central Californian pinot noir. If you need to measure the red wine then why bother at all.

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