Smoking Loon Merlot

Name: Smoking Loon Merlot
Type: Red
Grape: Merlot
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2005
Producer: Smoking Loon Wine Company
Price: $8.99

I bought three different bottles by Smoking Loon and there was a rebate certificate on one of the bottles. The three bottles cost about $27 and they gave a $6 mail-in rebate around one of the bottle necks. It’s not a lot but it makes the cost only $7 a bottle instead of $9. They probably figure that no one will mail it in but they are messing with the wrong dude in this case. I sent it off before I even opened one of the bottles. This one has some dense, jammy aromas. The flavor is also pretty full-bodied with some tannins on the finish. It’s an interesting Merlot.

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