Rex-Goliath Merlot

Name: Rex-Goliath Merlot
Type: Red
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: non-vintage
Price: $10.99

This is another repeat visit for me and I’ve enjoyed the Rex-Goliath wines in the past so I was looking forward to this. As usual, the bottle is talking about that huge rooster and bragging about winning wine competitions. The color is a light ruby hue and the nose is softly aromatic with plenty of raspberry. The flavor is very fruit forward, with raspberry, cherry and boysenberry notes. It’s a lighter bodied wine with very little tannin and a round, supple body.

This wine is fairly direct, there aren’t layers of complexity here, but I would expect that for the price. It’s a very affable wine for short money, well in keeping with the Rex-Goliath tradition.

Bottle of Rex-Goliath Merlot

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