Lazy Lizard Shiraz

Name: Lazy Lizard Shiraz

Type: Red

Grape: Shiraz

Origin: France

Year: 2005

Producer: Paul Boutinot

Price: $7.99

I got this one from the bargain bin, it was $10.99 and I got it for $7.99, let’s see why, shall we? I was surprised this wine is from France, I guess lazy lizards just remind me more of Australia. So does labeling a wine “Shiraz” which is nearly unheard of in France. The same grape there is called Syrah and the French are usually sticklers about such nomenclature. The aroma is a subdued blueberry with hints of spice. The flavor is very smooth, particularly for a Shiraz. Berry flavors dominate with some pepper and spice on the finish. Actually not a bad everyday Shiraz, especially at this price.

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