Gordon Brothers Syrah

Name: Gordon Brothers Syrah
Type: Red
Grape: Syrah
Origin: U.S. – Washington
Year: 2003
Producer: Gordon Brothers Cellars
Price: $15.00

One of the last wines I picked up at Home Goods, this is one of the more expensive wines I chose but it was marked down from $20. I tend to like wines from the Washington State Columbia Valley and this one looked good to me. Very potent aroma of roasted meat, pepper and blackberry. The flavor of the wine is a little over the hill, which is probably why it was on sale. There’s still a good jolt of fruit with some oak and pepper as well. It just tastes a little old though, it would have been good at an earlier date.


  1. To me, that wine was quite different at the end of the night. When I first tried it, I toghhut it had a pretty intense diaper smell that was not really awful, but definitely put me off, and I think I rated it quite low.Trying it again at the end of the night the diaper/chemical smell had softened and made me think of chocolate covered espresso beans, which was much more pleasant, and I was able to appreciate the strawberry flavors that I had initially ignored due to my reaction to the nose.Anyway, if someone was interested in this wine I would strongly suggest decanting it.It definitely doesn’t taste like any cab I’ve ever had, and was a little thin for my tastes, but it was really interesting to see the difference some time makes in this wine so the experience would be worth the $8 in my opinion.

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