Butterfly Ridge Merlot

Name: Butterfly Ridge Merlot
Type: Red
Grape: Merlot
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2004
Producer: Butterfly Ridge Vintners
Price: $5.00

This wine is truly vile. This is one of those times you’re really lucky you have the good ol’ Cheap Wine Guy tasting wines for you; you wouldn’t want to try this at home. It smells like burnt herbs and spices along with a little “stinky garbage” aroma. That’s more or less what it tastes like as well. There’s a little sweetness at first, but then the flavor just falls apart. Nasty flavors, overbearing tartness and a tacky finish to complete the experience. The original price was $7.99 and I got it on sale for 2 for $10 but even at that price it’s a rip off.


  1. good review, and looks like good eaitng too… thanks for the comment, my mind is totally absorbed in work now that Mardi Gras is in full swing and connection sassy, tom cat and pork was not working…. but I do know grilling would be even better, the marinade is actually based on a grilling sop recipe of mine…

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