2005 Geja’s Big Bold Red

Name: Geja’s Big Bold Red
Type: Red
Grape: Red Blend
Origin: U.S. – California
Year: 2005
Producer: Baya Cellars
Price: $9.99

I believe this is the last of the wines I got from the Wine Insider’s club. And while it’s not a bad wine, it’s name is entirely inappropriate. It has the light coloration and even the mouth feel of a Pinot Noir, yet it’s called “Big Bold Red.” It does have a nice woodsy aroma and some tannins after the fruity burst on the tongue, but I wouldn’t call it a bold red by any stretch. It’s labeled “2005 California Private Reserve Big Bold Red” even, which calls to mind–I don’t know–a rich Cabernet maybe? It’s a decent wine for a decent price, just egregiously mis-labeled.

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